The Quest – a monastery near Avignon inspires a large abstract painting


Whilst travelling to Avignon (France) many years ago, I visited a nearby monastery called the Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon. Somehow, I felt strangely at home and tranquil. I even seemed to know my way around without looking at the map. I eventually made my way down to the cellar where the laundry and punishment cells were, and immediately noticed the ceiling.  There, mould accentuated certain stones, miraculously creating the form of crosses! I took many photos which, later inspired this large (130cm x 89cm) semi-abstract painting made of layers of oil and watercolour on canvas. At the time, I dubbed this style as “Abstract Reality”. This artwork is my personal favourite and every day it both inspires and calms me while hanging proudly in my own dining room.

The Quest

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